Stationers’ Hall

Rainleaf were proud to have been able to design and install the new floor to the stunning Stationers' Hall.
Having maintained the original floor several years earlier, time was now for a new floor. The design was for a centre walkway leading front to back of the hall, with a side to side walkway that linked rooms.

Where the walkways intersected we created a stunning mitre feature.
Core fumed oak became the line border with further oak plank to the field.
Plank sizes were 380 mm and 320 mm wide in lengths to 5500 mm. The finish was a three coat
Bona Traffic HD lacquer. Due to the incredibly high usage of this hall the maintenance program allows for HD Traffic
re coating every 2 years. A simple scratch coat for prep and then a single application of HD silk matt.
this project was close to 300 sq mt.